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All of Us

Thursday, September 22, 2005

10 Months

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A. was 10 months on Monday. She is almost always happy. She sings along if she hears others singing, and waves constantly. When we are out in public, I often catch someone staring at me, only to realize they are looking at her. She is extremely social and goes out of her way to engage everyone she sees. She holds up her arms out to be picked up, which is simply adorable. Her favorite "toy" is the telephone. She drinks water from a sippy cup and eats lots of different foods now: baby food, bananas (holds a chunk in her hand and bites off pieces, breads of all kinds, and rice/grains of all kinds. She still loves to nurse, and still wakes at night, but usually only twice--she sleeps 4 hour stretches, and sometimes only once. I don't mind, as I know it won't last forever.


Jaggae said...

She's a beautiful baby. You should be so proud. I have a niece just as cheerful. She gurgles alot! Turning a year old in November...hey, she's 10 months too!

Anne said...

Dear me-she is GORGEOUS!

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