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All of Us

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting Sick

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On Sunday I was awoken very early by M., who had coughed more each day and gradually become more and more congested. He was now coughing a LOT and appeared to be having trouble breathing. His ribs were sucking in and out, which the dr. had told me to watch out for. So off we went to the ER around 7am, which was conveniently next door to our hotel.

They listened to him, did a chest x-ray, and took his pulse-oxygen levels. They determined that he was fine, that the congestion was all in his throat and nose, and said that the chest movements we observed were being caused by the fact that he was attempting to nose breathe through a stuffed nose, so he had to work harder to draw air, but that if he'd open his mouth he would have no trouble breathing. I was given saline and a bulb syringe with instructions to suction him vigorously.

When we returned to the hotel room around 9am, T. told me that she didn't feel well. I took her temperature--101F. Gave her some Motrin and off we went to the Animal Kingdom.

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