All of Us

All of Us

Sunday, October 30, 2005

And Another One Down....

It's a picture perfect fall day today, but I have decided to stay in and try to stay on top of the laundry. Why? you ask. Because as the stomach flu moves slowly through the family, continuous laundering is required to stay abreast. I particularly love how young children run while puking, so that it is spread over as large of a surface area as possible. So far, 4 of the children have definitively had it. The eldest, in typical male macho fashion, went to his soccer game with a stomach ache, in denial of his symptoms, so I'm guessing it will be 5 victims by the time he returns. Baby A. managed to crawl through some vomit this morning, moving too quickly to be stopped, since the rest of us were distracted by helping the victim, cleaning the mess and being grossed out. She was immediately washed off, but I suspect it will have been in vain. So far, the adult duo has remained well, but I am not hopeful about our chances.

Not to mention that we may have infected all of our party guests last night. At party time, the only ill person was 2 year old K., who voluntarily sequestered himself in my bedroom (he was afraid of the fog generated by the fog machine), but obviously several others were about to become ill, and presumably contagious, as they double dipped apples in caramel dip, chips in salsa, and veggies in ranch. The party was a success, however, and a good time was had by all.

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Jody said...

Oh, ick.

I had to laugh and gag about the moving, vomiting kids though. It is so true.

I am sooooo praying that we don't get the barfs here. We just had it at the end of the summer, so maybe we will be spared for a bit.

Hope everyone is holding down their food soon!

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