All of Us

All of Us

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anniversary Celebration

In late August Daryl and I went away together to New York City for 3 glorious days to celebrate our 20th anniversary, which was in May. We had a fabulous time, better than our honeymoon. It wasn't so much what we did, but rather the time spent together. It was a true celebration of our love and friendship.

Some of the things we did, in case anyone is interested, were:
Carriage ride (and lots of walking) in Central Park
Eating out
Saw the play Wicked on Broadway
Spent the evening with dear friends that live an hour's train ride away in CT (they came to the city to be with us)

The kids had a fine time at home with a rotating crew of grandparents, their 26 year old cousin, and a babysitter. We were gone just long enough to miss them, yet not to actually wish they were with us!

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