All of Us

All of Us

Saturday, March 05, 2005


I. is my most defiant child. She hate the taste of the chewable antibiotics and has been complaining and refusing to take them. My MIL brought Froot Loops and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and she was told that she couldn't have any until she took the medicine. Later my MIL found the pills in the bathroom garbage. I guess I'll have to run the house like a mental institution, and stand and watch the inmates take their medication. LOL I will call to get the liquid form on Monday, but she hates all medicine and I don't anticipate that being any more acceptable.

I. and I had to attend a church retreat today for First Communion preparation. We had to bring a loaf of homebaked bread, to reinforce the theme of breaking bread together. She and I made Irish Soda bread this morning, since we didn't have time yesterday to make a yeast bread. The retreat was from 10am-2pm, about an hour too long, IMO. Sadly, my MIL had to leave at 3pm. How many days till D. returns?

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