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All of Us

Saturday, March 05, 2005

The High Point of My Week

occurred on Thursday morning, when I was able to snap the lens back into my sunglasses without unscrewing the frame. I was on the way to my sister's house to visit, and it was a bright snowy day, and a long drive. I knew that the lens had fallen out of them but I hadn't had a chance to get out the mini screwdriver and play with them, and last tiyme I couldn't get it in without unscrewing the frame, and even with the screwdriver I didn't have the fine motor coordination necessary to hold the lens in place while screwing in the screw, so D. ended up doing it for me. I was so thrilled when it snapped back in on it's own! Just a symptom of the type of week I had when that was the best thing that happened.

I had a nice visit with my sister and her kids, and headed home. While on the freeway, the van suddenly slowed and would no longer go over 60mph, even with the pedal to the floor. This was accompanied by the engine light on the dashboard lighting up. This happened once before, but after turning it off and restarting it the problem disappeared. I got off at the next exit with the intent of trying this, turned left and found myself not on the service drive, but on a loop which was the onramp to the freeway going back in the direction I'd come from! (with no sign saying this). It was 9 miles until the next exit, where I tried turning off the engine and restarting it, and it the problem remained, more sluggish if anything. I drove home slowly. I had received a recall letter about a part needing to be replaced that could cause the engine to be underpowered and the engine light to go on. We hadn't taken it in yet since there were no nearby dealers that service Dodge Sprinters because they have Mercedes engines. I then called all the nearby dealers to see if any of them had begun servicing Sprinters in the meantime, but none had. Ironically, the nearest dealer that did was right near my sister's house, about a 45 minute drive away, where I had just come from! I was able to make a 10am appointment for the next day and was told it would take 60-90 minutes to repair. My sister agreed to pick me up so I wouldn't have to hang around the dealership.

That evening the girls had a piano lesson about 1/4 mile away and D. had an indoor soccer game about a 20 minute drive away. Usually his dad takes him, but he was now out of town. D. thought I should drive the girls to piano, take him to soccer, turn around and come back and get the girls, and then go right back and pick him up. I felt that 2 hours of car riding was not in the best interests of his younger siblings, not to mention that the van was acting up, so called around to get him a ride with a teammate. When I picked up the girls from piano, the piano teacher mentioned that I. was not feeling well. She hasn't been herself since having the flu 2 weeks ago, and has had a severe stuffy nose with lots of drainage. When she hugged me goodnight, she felt feverish. I attempted to take her temperature, but since she couldn't breathe through her nose at all and could not close her mouth, I couldn't get an accurate reading.

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