All of Us

All of Us

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


On Mar. 15, 2012, an F3 tornado struck the small town we live in.  Remarkably, although many homes were badly damaged or entirely destroyed, no one was badly injured or killed.  We were home, in our basement, taking cover.  The tornado went right by us--we heard the "freight train" sound--but did not touch our home or property.  It literally came down our road, knocking down almost every tree for a 2 mile stretch, but for some reason skipped over our house and several others.  Sadly, the tree line road with a beautiful canopy of leaves is entirely demolished--our local landscape will never be the same.  Once again, we can't be thankful enough that not only was our home and family spared, but so were the 200 year old oaks in our front yard.  We live across the road from a large metro park, and it looks as though a giant rampaged through it tearing handfuls of trees out.  Entire sections of forest are leveled.

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