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All of Us

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Our high school marching band went to Disney to perform just before our spring break began.  I. is in the marching band (alto sax) and we, like many families, met her in Orlando and stayed in Florida for the rest of spring break.  The first day we visited Seaworld.  The shows were spectacular, unbelievable and amazing.  However, the weather was very hot, and there weren't many attractions available for children under 42" tall, so the majority of the day was long and frustrating.  I have never been a huge amusement park fan, and I have since realized that I just DON'T enjoy them.  Long lines, excessive prices, exhaustion...We departed around dinner time for Vero Beach where we rented a house for the rest of the week.  Here is our view from the porch.  That's right--water front!  The owners did an amazing job of having the house outfitted for a large group beach vacation.  The house is on stilts and underneath there is a lot of storage for beach toys, as well as 2 shower stalls with hot water.  It has a porch that wraps around 3 sides of the house, and coolers that remain on the porch, a hose on the path from the beach to wash feet.  The main house has 2 bedrooms and one bath, and there are 2 other bedroom "pods" attachéd to the porch but not to the main house, which each have sleeping for 5-6 and a bathroom and TV.  They are basically bunk rooms for  kids.  Fantastic layout!  And very reasonably priced.

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