All of Us

All of Us

Saturday, June 04, 2011


There is so much to tell that I can't say it all except that our lives have been very chaotic since my return from Uganda with M and Z. They are doing great. She has adjusted remarkably well, speaking Enwglish as well as big M. They are still the dynamic duo, loving and hating one another simultaneously, and making mischief whenever they can.

Little M. has begun walking and running and talking! He is a very early talker but knows many words and speaks very clearly. I am hoping this will make him a happy toddler since he can make his needs/wants known. Unfortunately he is now at the age where he wants things he can't have, which leads to tantrums.

D. is home from college for the summer, which we love. He did extremely well--Dean's list first semester and 4.0 gpa second semester. He is currently enroute to Wyoming where he will be taking a 3 week experiential geology course.

J. is working hard at school as usual. Track is finally over and finals are next week. The last day of school is June 10! Hopefully she will be able to relax a little this summer before beginning an even busier senior year.

L. is playing soccer and will probably have a 4.0 at the end of his freshman year. As I said, finals are next week, so it's not over yet!

I. has done tremendously well this year. Her leadership position at school has fueled personal growth. She is outgoing and responsible. She has switched musical instruments from clarinet to saxophone and will be in marching band next year.

T. has become an adolescent, and is struggling a little with her "tweener" status. She still doesn't really enjoy teen activities, but now feels too mature for younger kid interests. She is a great big sister and a good student as well.

K. celebrated his First Communion recently, is a great student and always has his nose in a book! He is also a great big brother, so patient with his roommate M., who is easily the most annoying family member at this point in time.

A. has grown up a lot and loves school now. She has begun horseback riding and participates in Daisys (youngest scout group--below Brownies) which she really enjoys.

M. has had as tough of a year as I have. First his momma left for a loooong time, and when she came back she brought 2 interlopers (siblings) who usurped his baby status. I think he is just now realizing that I am NOT going to leave again and starting to accept the change in his spot in the family. We have seen a LOT of acting out, as well as being ringleader of mischief, but he is starting to mellow out a tiny bit.

It took me a long time to get over my health issues and feel "normal" (whatever that is) again. I'm still not in perfect health, but much better than the beginning of the year. My biggest problem currently is joint pain, probably a part of the autoimmune disease as it is symmetric (pairs of joints) rather than just one joint at a time, mostly my hips and shoulders, occasionally my knees. Some days it's really painful, others not much at all, and I have been unable so far to discern a pattern.

Daryl is working as hard as ever, and has had some recent exciting developments in his business. I can't say more than that at this time, but hopefully there will be more good things to report soon.

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