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All of Us

Friday, April 02, 2010

Prayers Needed

Just as I was feeling almost totally back to normal, my abdominal scar became infected. I didn't know that scars could get infected, but I guess all the healing is not complete on the inside. I am taking antibiotics, and the dr. said I should see improvement in 48 hours, which it has almost been, and no change. It both itches and hurts a lot, and is rather swollen. I'm also extremely fatigued. If it doesn't heal soon, I may not be able to go on spring break with my family!

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Lawfrog said...

Tons of prayers coming your way. Even if it doesn't start to improve somewhat in 48 hours, I am sure it will be fine once the antibiotics kick in fully. Drink a lot of water, stay hydrated, keep the area clean and it should be fine.

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