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All of Us

Friday, February 26, 2010


I have 2 news items to report.

The first is that we have been matched with children, a 2 year old girl and a 3 month old baby boy. We will hopefully travel in May to get them (many things are up in the air right now so it is not definite). I can't give any more details or show photos at this time, but we are all very excited!

The second news item is that I have decided to have a breast reduction and abdominoplasty. My chest size has caused me discomfort my entire life, and they are much larger than they used to be, so now that I am done using my breasts for their intended purpose (my baby is weaned!) I am ready to remedy the problem. As for the abdominoplasty--let's just say that carrying 8 full term babies weighing approximately 10 pounds each leaves you with a drooping flap of skin that no amount of exercise will fix. The surgery is scheduled for Mar. 5, 2010. I am nervous and excited! Please keep me in your prayers that the surgery goes smoothly and that I recover easily.


mamamuniz said...

Congratulations on both pieces of news. I am sure you will be so pleased with the results of the surgery. My friend did a breast reduction after weaning her last child, and is very happy she did. It makes excersizing easier for her, and she just feels better all around. I can't wait until you can share more "baby" news!

Lawfrog said...

Good luck with the surgeries! I am sure you will feel tons better once they are done. Good luck as well with your new children.

One quick note - your text doesn't line up with the white part of your background so that makes it hard to read. Just wanted to let you know that and maybe it can be fixed. Love your blog!

truth said...

So happy for you Paula! The new blog format makes it difficult to read. The words aren't centered, but on top of one side of the pattern.

truth said...

Hi Paula, hope all went well today. Will be looking for an update. Praying all is well.

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