All of Us

All of Us

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Health Update

Boy, it's been a long time since I've blogged! I've meant to, but somehow...

I have been feeling really well. I am still doing the IVIG treatments once every two weeks and they still seem to be working. I am still doing PT and am slowly regaining strength. I have been very active, and very happy. I am back down to 9mg prednisone daily, and start on 8mg tomorrow. I am nervous about this because that is the level at which the really bad rash appeared last time. I have had some minor spots of rash here and there as I have tapered, and some areas which just never went away, like on the backs of my hands and my elbows. To me, this means the disease is still active. If it were not, then nothing would happen as I tapered the prednisone. I am worried that if I discontinue the treatments entirely, the disease will come roaring back. Only time will tell. The plan is that I will reduce the frequency of the treatments to once a month in June.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of complicated medical stuff that I have been researching related to possible causes/cures/treatments that I want to discuss in detail with the rheumatologist at my next appointment.

Medical appointments and taking care of myself (PT, IVIG treatments, massage, acupuncture, rheumatologist, exercising regularly) still comprise a half time job. It is good to focus on myself, I guess, and I know that I am lucky that I can make the time and can afford the complementary medicine as well as the traditional.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to taper the prednisone.

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