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All of Us

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good News, Bad News

About 3 weeks ago, my darling baby son waved his delectably chubby arm and knocked over a large glass of water....onto my laptop. Although my reflexes were abnormally quick as a grabbed the computer and hoisted it in the air, allowing most of the water to run off the keyboard, it promptly shut down. Later in the day, I went to turn it on, and it did briefly power on before the screen went squiggly crazy and then it shut right down again. After four days of trying to turn it on several times a day, I prepared to take it in for repair, pausing to push the on button one more time. To my joy, it powered on and worked perfectly...for the next week.

Suddenly, it would not turn on. After a week of random power button pushing, hoping the magic would recur, I gave up and called Apple. They told me that my computer was one of a batch that had "known battery issues" and sent me a new battery. When it arrived and was installed, on came the computer! It worked fine....until the battery ran out of charge. The computer would not turn on, once again. Into the Apple store I went to consult with a "genius". Of course, when HE pushed the button it turned on! He pronounced it fine. He did, however, notice that the corner of the plastic keyboard casing had a crack in it and offered to replace it for me (I have the extended warranty). I accepted. When I returned several hours later to pick it up, the young man who retrieved it for me said, "Did they talk to you about the liquid damage?" (I had not felt it was necessary to tell them about an event that had happened weeks before!) "No," I said with surprise. He informed me that there was evidence of an extensive liquid spill, and that the power button had been shorted out. That was now repaired, but any further problems would not be under warranty because the warranty does not cover liquid damage. I told him that I understood, never acknowledging that any spill had in fact occurred. My darling daughters were shocked at my behavior, but I pointed out to them that I had not at any point lied, but felt it best not to admit to anything.

Once again, the computer worked for a week...then would not turn on. Back I went to the Apple store. BAAAAAD NEWS: I was informed that the cost of the repair would be $300 less than the cost of a new laptop. After a consultation with Daryl, we decided that a new laptop, with more memory, a faster processor and all the latest software, as well as a new warranty, was the way to go. While discussing my purchase with the salesman, I got the GOOD NEWS: Students and educators are eligible for a "back to school" special, which lowers the price of the computer by $100 and gives you a FREE Ipod of your choice. Daryl is an educator, so I took advantage of that. Additionally, Apple is running a special (for anyone, not just students and eduators) that gives you a $99 rebate if you purchase a $99 printer, making the actual cost of the printer $6 (sales tax). The Ipod was a rebate special too, but the salesman was kind enough to do the rebate paperwork online with me in the store, and Apple sends rebate checks out in 3-5 DAYS. I was completely flabbergasted, looking for the catch, but there appears to be none.

I vowed to myself that I would learn to use many of the really cool features and programs on my computer this time, including the web hosting service. So look for changes to the blog very soon!

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Kristin said...

Oh, cool. Do they offer that deal to homeschool teachers, too? I'm in the market for a laptop (our first.) I need it by next school year. Let us know what you get!

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