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All of Us

Sunday, February 10, 2008


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We did it--something we've considered before, but never wanted to spend the money or brave the crowds--we took the family to Disneyworld.

Overall, we had a good time, but there were a few snafus.

Mon. Jan. 14--I take A. to the dr. because I believe her ear infections have either recurred or never gotten better. I am correct, and both eardrums are bulging and pus filled. She prescribes a different, bad tasting antibiotic. Later that day, K., who had had a cough since Christmas, begins running a low grade fever.

Tues. Jan. 15--Late in the afternoon A. spikes a high fever--103-104. Motrin does not bring the fever down. K. still has a low grade fever.

Wed. Jan. 16--A. still has very high fever upon waking, and is now panting. Daryl and I take K. and A. to the dr., where A. is diagnosed with pneumonia, and K. with walking pneumonia, otherwise known as mycoplasma. A. is given 3 breathing treatments in the office, and we are given our first nebulizer to take home (and on vacation). A. is also put on steroids, and both kids get Zithromax. The dr. says it is OK to travel in the morning with A., but warns us that it could be less fun and more hassles. Ya think? Baby M. begins coughing later that evening.

Thurs. Jan. 17--We fly to Florida, nebulizer in hand, giving A. a last minute breathing treatment before boarding the plane. By the time we arrive, get our luggage, rent a car, check into hotel, and get a bite to eat it is early evening. We head to the Magic Kingdom, where the big kids head off for roller coasters and we manage to ride one ride before lining up to see a light parade that occurs at 7pm. A. has a huge meltdown, wants to go "home", wants to be held instead of riding in stroller, and held only by mama. At close to 40 lbs. that was a challenge after the first 5 minutes. The parade was delayed, and she kept crying. By the time it began, she had fallen asleep and I was able to transfer her to Daryl's stronger arms. The parade was fantastic, and it was followed by the best fireworks I've ever seen. The park closed at 8pm and we went back and the oldest 5 kids went swimming, while the little ones went right to bed.

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