All of Us

All of Us

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


On Sept. 22 we moved back into our home, after NINE loooong months of living in a rental house while our dear old (1862) house got a facelift, makeover, and an addition built onto it. Since then, we have had continual construction work and painting being done both inside and out, because it wasn't complete when we moved in. It is really lovely, better than I could ever have imagined, and we are so blessed. That is not to say that my patience isn't worn a little thin as we enter the 5th week of living with construction--the noise, dirt and invasion of privacy are hard to take, especially at 8.5 months pregnant. After the rest of this week, and maybe one more week, they should be (mostly) done.

I'll include some photos now, and more in a day or 2.

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