All of Us

All of Us

Sunday, September 10, 2006

More vacation

We spent half the day walking around Ottawa, and then headed to Mont Tremblant, a village and ski resort north of Montreal. We stayed at the resort for 3 days. This part of the trip was a celebration of sorts, of a recent business success of Daryl's. The resort is beautiful, bright and clean. There are many free things that go on, like evening concerts, parades, face painters and clowns making balloon animals. In addition to hotels of every style and price range, including condos for rent, the resort is comprised of shops and restaurants of many varieties.

While there we were able to paricipate in numerous fun activities, like the luge, rock wall climbing, and bungee jumping (which were not free!). The area is covered with bicycle trails, and as we had brought all of our bikes and a trailer for the little ones to ride in, we did some biking as well.

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Dot said...

Paula!! It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time!! Thank you for sharing.


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