All of Us

All of Us

Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday I!

I. turned 9 on Aug. 12. She had 2 friends spend the night and we all went to our small town festival. I gave them each some money and gave the group of them a walkie talkie so they could "call" me if they needed me. They were instructed to buy some food for dinner (pizza slices,etc.) and stay together. It was the easiest birthday party I ever threw. The girls got their faces painted and ate lots of candy, listened to live music and were ready to go home after about 2 hours.

I. is my princess. She always wants to look beautiful, and usually does. She is lively, outgoing and fun, with an infectious laugh. She can be hard to convince that she is expected to do the same chores as her siblings, though! I admire her strength and determination. She walks to the beat of her own drummer and is not easily swayed by what others are doing, thinking, wearing, etc. She is impervious to the peer pressure exerted by her siblings.

She is smart and very perceptive about other people. More physically coordinated than I will ever be, she is naturallly muscular and athletic. My "middle child"--I am so glad I have her!

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