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All of Us

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Where I've Been

It's been a busy couple of months, so I'll recap:

D's birthday

On June 5 my oldest child turned 14. Handsome and strong, funny and argumentative, helpful and responsible. He makes me laugh, is interesting to talk to, and just a person I really enjoy being around. I'm so glad I have him!


As always, we limped to the finish line with the ending of school on June 9. One more day and we wouldn't have made it! On Saturday, June 10 we headed to Muskegon, Michigan for a family wedding. We spent the night there and went to Michigan's Adventure, an amusement/water park. It features both roller coasters and water rides and slides. I haven't been on a roller coaster in years, and I braved a few, and found them to be actually fun! We had a lovely day, sunny and in the high 60s, but a little cool for water rides. The kids, of course, went anyway! The best part was there were NO lines. Literally, get in line and be on the ride as soon as it returns from its current run. The park also features many rides for younger children, both tiny tot and medium sized rides.

The following week we left on Thursday for Delevan, Wisconsin, (in the Lake Geneva area) where D's sister lives. We had wedding in Madison on Friday, June 16. Daryl and I attended it without the kids, who stayed with their aunt, uncle and cousin. It was a formal evening wedding, and I wore a little black dress that I own, along with some great costume jewelry and rhinestone studded thong sandals. We spend the rest of the weekend visiting with Daryl's sister and her family as well as my mother-in-law, who was there as well. Lake Geneva is a beautiful lake resort town, and we spent some time there, even renting a speed boat and going for a boat ride. We left our 3 older daughters in Wisconsin to visit with their cousin and returned home on Sunday.

K's birthday

My littlest boy turned 3 on June 20, but since his sisters and his Dad were out of town, we didn't celebrate it until June 22. I still wanted to do something special with him on June 20 (even though he didn't know it was his birthday) so I took him to the movie "Cars." It was his first time going to a movie theatre. He had fun, although the movie was actually way above his level of understanding, and he did lose interest before it was over. He enjoyed sitting on my lap and eating popcorn, however, and I thought the movie was quite good.

K. is an active, happy little guy. Still not fully potty trained, and still competing hard with his little sister to be the baby, but slowly making progress toward being a "big boy." He loves his big sister J. more than anything, even me! He is friendly and outgoing and very loving and affectionate. He has a great sense of humor and often makes us laugh. All boy, he loves action figures and cars, balls and bikes, and like the rest of us, adores books!


truth said...

Paula, glad to have you back in blogworld-have missed you.

Dot said...

Paula, Glad to see you back. I too have missed your posts. I wore a black dress and rhinestone studded thong high heels to the wedding I went to. How funny is that?!?!?


Jody said...

HI Paula! It is nice to see you posting again! Sounds like you guys have had a busy, fun summer.

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