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All of Us

Monday, May 08, 2006

J's 12th bday

J's 12th bday, originally uploaded by PaulaK.

J. turned 12 in March (I realize I'm somewhat behind!) There is so much to say about her. She is both my sweetest, easiest child to deal with and my most difficult. It is fair to say that she is intense and feels things deeply. Most days I can't live without her, but many days it is difficult to live with her.

She is a talented writer, creative artist, and perfectionist, as well as a slightly obsessive-compulsive, very disorganized perfectionist. This means that all of her projects are masterpieces, but that they are barely completed on time, a huge mess is created and sleep is lost. Daryl says she has inherited both his and my worst characteristics!

Sensitive and loyal, she is adored by everyone. She is also a worrier and insomniac.

She believes in love and family. She makes sure the table is set nicely, lights candles, calls us all to dinner and makes people put away any reading material so that we can have a "family dinner." Although we jokingly call her the "dinner police" we all secretly enjoy it.

She can be both my most helpful and my most demanding, often at the same time, or within the same hour.

Life wouldn't be complete without her!


Jody said...

Happy belated birthday J!!!!

She sounds so wonderful, and very much like my first born.

truth said...

Paula, you can tell she is a passionate person just from her pic.

Lori said...

She sounds alot like my 13 y/o dd! Hope she had a wonderful birthday.

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