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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Facing My Demons

My kitchen is overrun with little moths. This has been a constant problem, particularly bad in recent months, so I finally decided to clean out the cabinets (again). This is a difficult task for me for 2 reasons: I have to sort through all of the old food, tossing anything moth infested, and wipe down all the shelves, which is an icky job. While doing this I also sort out old, but not moth infested food to throw away. I am somewhat obsessive-compulsive and I HATE to waste anything, so I evaluate canned and jarred goods, thinking "Well, this MIGHT still be good." Yet in reality, if I keep it I will NEVER eat it, because I always think, "I don't really know if that is good anymore." Going through the painful decision of whether or not to throw away each item is a psychologically grueling exercise for me.

This time I was able to part with some canned and dry goods that I know I brought here to Michigan with me 5 years ago, as well as some products that I am now admitting seemed like a good idea at the time, but I will NEVER eat, like the dried kelp and other ingredients I purchased when experimenting with macrobiotics.

Since I finished cleaning out the cabinets and putting moth traps in them, the number of moths has not diminished, despite the fact that there are no longer any unsealed food products of any kind available. If anything, they seem more active and spirited than ever. There are generally at least 2 flying around the kitchen at any time, and the past few days it seems they are constantly flying right at my face or into my hair.


april said...

Did the moths come from your flour? If they did and you don't do this already try storing your flour in the freezer. Most unbleached flours have some sort of insect eggs in them (I try not to think about that when I bake) so if you freeze the little boogers they can't hatch. I don't know if this is good advice or gross advice. Ick!

Lisa said...

Perhaps the little buggers are hungry? I do feel for you as I shall soon fight my might nemesis....the sugar ants.

Kathy said...

We went through this in the fall. I threw away anything and everything opened and Yet with spring they returned. I feel your pain.

w said...

Hoo boy. Went through this a few years ago. This is what I did, and it worked, although it was a Pain In The Rear. We cleaned out - as in removed all food - the cupboards, throwing out open food, any box food that was not bagged inside the boxes, etc. We put ALL the food in always closed big rubbermaid totes (known fondly as "the blue cupboard," "the green cupboard," etc.) Then, we washed all the cupboards - top, bottom, sides with hot, soapy water and then sprayed them wet with Lysol. We did not store any food in the cupboards for about two months. I TOLD you it was a P.I.T.R. but it worked and I was so desperate for resolution!!!!

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