All of Us

All of Us

Monday, April 17, 2006


No sooner had I clicked "publish" on the previous post then my almost 14 year old son D. came downstairs to tell me that he could not attend morning track practice because he'd gotten sick the night before. I had been asleep when he arrived home very late from a birthday party (it was a sleepover, but he didn't stay due to practice the next morning). He told Daryl his stomach was upset, but Daryl surmised it was from eating a lot of junk food, and did NOT have him take a bowl upstairs. And yes, he barfed on the floor during the night. I thought he was old enough to make it to the bathroom, but he has always been an extremely sound sleeper, so he may have been caught by surprise.

Somehow, I was not as caught up in feelings of how lucky I have him to clean up after as I was with the little ones! (I adore him, don't get me wrong, but...) Luckily, he and Daryl took care of the mess.

By late that afternoon,D. was feeling fine, although rather tired, and J. had a terrible stomachache. She laid in bed, complaining of how badly it hurt, and after several hours fell asleep, and was better in the morning.

That leaves just the two girls, I. and T., untouched thus far. I'll keep you posted!

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Jody said...

Oh no! Blek!

I hope it does not find us. It is goign around, and a friend watched my son yesterday and by afternoon was throwing up, so Quinn was exposed.

Hoping it passes through your house quickly!

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