All of Us

All of Us

Monday, March 06, 2006

Work Day

Last Thursday we had the day off from school due to icy roads. No snow, however, so that there wasn't anything entertaining to do. So we cleaned out toy chests, emptying 2 of them while filling 2 garbage bags and 2 give away bags. We also changed the sheets on all beds (something that gets done less often than I'm willing to admit!) and cleaned out all of the outgrown clothes from dresser drawers. Whew!

As a reward, I'd offered a trip to Dairy Queen (which opened March 1 and they have been bugging me every day since) and the library. I've been avoiding the library because I'd racked up some unbelievable fines (they will be naming a wing of the new library after us) but I decided that was ridiculous. I am now on the 12 Step Library program, beginning with "Make Restitution." Ouch! is all I can say.

Dairy Queen, which has only outdoor seating, which was covered with snow on this very cold day, was a most unpleasant experience. We had to eat in the van, of course, and they still complained that they were freezing. You won't catch me back there until it's shorts weather.

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