All of Us

All of Us

Monday, March 06, 2006


This year I have decided to give up sweets/desserts, something I've never tried before. I'm hoping that that, combined with the running I've been doing, will lead to a svelter me by Easter. I'm also reading the "Little Black Book" of daily Lenten meditations/scripture put out by our Archdiocese.

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Jody said...

Hey! Cory is reading that too. He reads it every day and loves it.

I laughed (sorry) when I read about your Dairy Queen experience. I bet your van looked special after all those dripping cones.

Last summer we went and got ice cream cones "to go" and loaded intot he van with them. It was as if someone had a blow drier set on "HOT" directed at each cone. It was awful!

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