All of Us

All of Us

Monday, March 06, 2006


The Menace, that is! What happened to my sweet, cooperative little 2.75 year old boy? In the past week he has begun experimenting with disobedience and mischief, doing things like:

-Opening the door on his mother while she is in the bathroom (pocket door that doesn't lock), then refusing to close it again and running away, cackling.

-Getting out of bed during naptime and hiding in his sister's bedroom, eating her secret stash of Valentine candy.

-Pouring a glass of milk into the fish tank.

-Saying no and being noncompliant whenever possible.

And as for potty training, some days he does terrific, others are a string of accidents. Good thing I do a lot of laundry! And as for #2, he won't even consider doing that in the potty.

(Sigh). When will my nice little boy be back?


Dot said...

Hugs for you. I have been there and know how you feel.

Lisa said...

Hey, has your Dennis the Menace been talking to my Denise the (um) Menise?

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