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All of Us

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Potty Training 101

Seems that in the 3 years that have passed since I last potty trained a child, I had forgotten how. For months now we have been talking to K. about this topic and he has been steadfastly refusing to even entertain the idea of sitting on the potty. He is 32 months old, and my kids have all trained between 28 and 34 months, so I felt he was ready, but just not willing. But then yesterday it occurred to me, "Why am I earth am I waiting for him to agree to it?" So I took off his diaper and told him to sit on the potty. Nothing happened, but he didn't resist. Then I dressed him in underwear. He had an accident, so I cleaned him up and put on fresh underwear. I set the timer and had him sit every 30 minutes. Another accident. Naptime came, so he wore a diaper to bed. I told him before he took his nap that he'd sit on the potty right after he woke up (because he usually pees then). He remembered and requested to go as soon as he got up. His diaper felt wet, so I thought we missed it was dubious about whether he still needed to go, but he did! I gave him the promised candy as a reward. He went twice more yesterday, and once on his own--HE informed ME that he had to go!

This morning he was excited to go, and wore underwear all day, having only 2 accidents. He has yet to do a #2 in the potty (that was one of the 2 accidents and man what a mess that is in underwear!) but he has definitely caught on, both to the urge and what he needs to do, and to the candy reward. It is amazing what a tiny amount he is able to squeeze out in order to earn another M&M!


Jody said...

Go little man!!!

Congrats to you both!

Lisa said...

Go K go! I gave up on the candy incentive when L tried to offer C part of her candy if he'd pee a little in the potty for her, lol.

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