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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Double digits--a decade old!

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On November 20 (the day after A's bday) we celebrated another birthday. L. turned 10! He had a party with some friends the day before. We had it at our house, and the boys played sports outdoors. I served pizza, cupcakes and ice cream. A good time was had by all.

On the actual day we held our family celebration. He got a skateboard and helmet and some action figures from Daryl and I. His sister gave him a new jackknife, since he's been doing a lot of whittling lately and the one he had is tiny and not really up to the job.

The birthday child picks the meals all day long on his birthday, and he chose blueberry pancakes for breakfast, leftover pizza for lunch, and tacos for dinner, with homemade cheesecake covered in blueberry topping for his birthday cake. Mmmm was that cake good!

L. is an extremely affectionate, sensitive child. He is very tuned into the feelings of others, and goes out of his way to be kind and helpful. He has a great sense of humor, and is a lot of fun to be around, so he has many friends. He is also very smart, excelling in all areas. He brings joy to me every day!


L. was my only child born before my due date, 2 days "early". I had gone to water aerobics in the morning, then taken an afternoon nap while my little ones napped. I woke up and ate an apple with some almond butter. I noticed a few contractions then, but didn't think much of them because I have so many contractions at the end. I began making dinner, and the contractions began to be more regular and demand my attention a little more.

I called Daryl around 5pm, who asked me if he had time to go running first, but I told him to get right home! Meanwhile, I stopped making dinner as it was distasteful to me. He came home and finished making dinner and fed the kids.

Soon I felt it was time to call the midwife. She told me to come in. First we had to call our wonderful friends who had offered to take the kids. The contractions were getting more intense, and the kids were responding to my mood. J. was hanging on me and demanding to be picked up. I really couldn't handle it, so Daryl took the kids next door to our neighbors while we waited for our friends to arrive.

By the time we arrived at the birth center it was 8:30pm, somewhat later than we'd told the midwife, and she was beginning to wonder if I'd changed my mind! LOL As she checked me she said, "You're about 5cm and I feel a big bulging sack -"SPLASH! My water broke and splashed all over. She literally jumped back to avoid getting doused. There was a tiny bit of meconium in the fluid but not enough to worry about.

I began pacing the room. I tried the tub, but didn't like it so I resumed pacing. Then we realized that we had forgotten to get more film for the camera! Luckily, a janitor was in the building, and Daryl asked him to run to the store, which was very close. (I wouldn't let him leave). After a while I squatted on the toilet which felt really good. As it got more intense, I told the midwife that I had changed my mind, and I didn't want to have this baby today! She laughed heartily at that one.

Eventually I went and sat on the bed. She turned down all the lights. I felt drowsy and dozed between contractions. Transition was intense, but then after many hard contractions in a row, one began and then petered out without ever getting really bad. The midwife told me that that sometimes transition ends abruptly that way.

I was suddenly very sleepy and not having any contractions. I dozed for 5 minutes or so and then the contractions resumed and I felt the urge to push. After only 2-3 contractions, out he came! The midwife helped ease his shoulder out. He weighed 10 pounds exactly and was born at 10:30pm. He was extremely alert after his birth and we have many photos of him looking right at me.

This was my most "textbook" labor and one of my easiest deliveries. It was my first midwife attended birth and birth center delivery. Daryl thought it wouldn't make such a big difference in the experience, but was awed by how intimate and special it really was.

We had brought some snacks, which I ate, and then after a while, I felt good enough to get up and get dressed and we went home, arriving around 2am. We joke that it was just like going on a date, only we came home with a baby! Despite the quiet house, I was unable to sleep, of course.

Our friends kept the kids until the next day midmorning. They had made them each a "big brother" and "big sister" button and stopped and gotten them each a small "gift" to give their new baby brother. He was born on Monday, 3 days before Thanksgiving.


Jody said...

Hw is so cute! I love his freckles.

Great birth story. I love the idea of coming home so soon after birth. The earliest I have been home was about 18 or so hours after Quinn was born.

Lori said...

I love how all your kids where "the hat" for their birthdays. A fun tradition.

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