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All of Us

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Top of the Hay Maze

Top of the Hay Maze, originally uploaded by PaulaK.

After we got the pumpkin, we returned home to eat lunch and A. napped. Then we went to a local farm stand where they build a hay maze every year. It's not that big or exciting but the kids love to go. They also have pony rides, hay rides, pumpkins, cider and sugar coated warm pumpkin doughnuts. This place is about a mile from our house on the way to town, and I have to confess that I stop there several days a week to get some of those fresh, greasy doughnuts! Yum! Luckily, if I eat more than 2 (they are small) it upsets my stomach or I'd be a blimp.

We didn't do anything but climb the hay maze and take some photos. I also bought 2 bunches of corn stalks for outdoor decorations since we're having a Halloween party this year. The owners of this farm stand are marketing geniuses. The thought that I just paid $10 for what farmers consider garbage boggles my mind. Much of what they sell (homemade pickles and preserves, craft items, produce) they neither grow themselves or make themselves, but this time of year the place is a gold mine. City slickers come in droves.

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Jody said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun! The warm pumpkin donuts sound wonderful!

Those are some great pics of the kids.

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