All of Us

All of Us

Monday, June 20, 2005

No More Teachers, No More Books

Wednesday was the last day of school, and we had our annual Last Day of School Pool Party. It was a half day, so kids were invited over afterschool for 3 hours. Daryl was out of town, so I hired a lifeguard, a teen we know, and had a college girl/former babysitter as well as a mom that currently babysits for me all here helping me out. It wasn't too expensive, the lifeguard only charged $5/hour (but I gave her a little extra!) I bought hot dogs, buns and Kool-aid and asked kids to bring a snack to share. There were 22 kids including mine.

Each kid was originally allowed to invite 3 friends, which quickly escalated to 4. Unfortunately, two of my kids are part of a tight knit circle of 5 (including themselves) in their class. In both cases, although I told the kids to be discreet when handing out invitations, and they were, the other kids who were invited were talking about it in front of the one who was not. I felt SO bad, just about makes me cry at the thought of excluding a child and making them feel bad. With L's friend, this happened several days before the party, so I just sent an invitation with him the next day to school. His friend had been badgering him to ask his mom if he could invite one more person anyway. In the case of J's friend, she didn't find out until the day of the party, and she didn't say anything, but J. came home concerned, said her friend had a very long face about it. She called her and was able to reach her and invite her by phone, so we were both relieved.

I am so happy to have them home!

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