All of Us

All of Us

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Advantages and Disadvantages

Since 90 degrees and humid is my favorite kind of weather, and I do NOT have air conditioning, I decided to list what I love about it.


Too hot to cook.
Too hot to eat.
White noise created by fans drowns out whining of hot children.
Swimmers ear acquired by constant swimming to cool off drowns out any noises that rise above the sound of the fans.
Swimmers ear allows me to pretend to not hear anything I don't wish to respond to.
Makes the 2 hours of driving around each afternoon in my air conditioned van seem much more pleasurable than normal.
Our summer fruit fly breeding program is off to a good start.


Constant swimming caused me to get swimmer's ear.
Dh suggested "just cover your ears" while swimming. ?!?!
Swimming creates a lot of wet, soon to be skanky towels.
Towels do not dry naturally even when hung up.
Children haven't heard of hanging up towels.
Wet towels left on the floor invariably have at least one large insect under them when I pick them up.
Swimming requires lots of clothes and diaper changing.
The reduction in cooking is offset by an increase in laundry.
Children think it's too hot to do chores.
I feel generally witchy when I get really hot.

An annoying aside: my dishwasher is currently broken.

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Lisa said...

I giggled loud enough to be heard over the whir of the fans.

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