All of Us

All of Us

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Off to a Rough Start

I woke on Monday feeling energetic, and finished paying those bills from last week, got kids dressed and fed and off to yoga we went. Lucille, a limber 83 year old woman, has a yoga studio in her home, which is located in a beautiful wooded area. The class is for pregnant women and moms and tots. We had a great class, and when we returned home, I made myself a nice salad for lunch. K. wasn't hungry but T. ate lunch. Then I changed K., who had a complete blowout requiring a clothes change. Loose stools I attributed to something he ate. A few minutes later he had another one. Hmmm...Put him down for a nap, began homeschooling T., and then he woke crying about 45 minutes later, covered in vomit head to toe. While bathing him, A. started to scream, but I couldn't get her because I was busy with his bath. Luckily, just as I got him out, J. walked in the door. She was able to hold A. for the next few minutes while I dressed K. , stripped his bed, and threw the bedding in the wash. He continued to have diarrhea the rest of the afternoon and evening, necessitating many clothes changes.

So the bills never got put in the mail, and the only laundry washed was the poopy, vomity stuff. Luckily we had leftover sandwich makings from yesterday for dinner.

I called Lucille to let her know that she and the other small children who were sharing our snacks were all exposed to this violent stomach bug.

My catching up from last week was totally derailed, and I am seriously praying that I don't sick, too.

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