All of Us

All of Us

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

18 years today! Our most romantic anniversary yet, being celebrated in the way only parents can, by taking a child to the ER. Once again, I got a phone call while on my way home from picking up a child, informing me of a problem. "Tessa has a HUGE splinter!" Her older brother then kindly carried her upstairs to watch TV while they awaited my arrival. The splinter was about 1.5 inches long and several millimeters wide. It was totally visible, under the skin several layers, but not too deep. I made 3 attempts with my flat tweezers, but it would not budge, although I had a good grip on the end of it. I called Daryl, and he came home, bringing a pair of forceps from the lab. Still, it wouldn't budge. He considered slitting the skin with his pocket knife (he harbors fantasies of being the OTHER kind of doctor--LOL) but decided he should leave that to the professionals.

J. just came down and informed me that she can't sleep because she doesn't feel good--her stomach hurts. The fun just never ends!

Sincerely, I am very glad to be travelling this road with this man, but I do wish the road had been a little smoother today.

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