All of Us

All of Us

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Alphabet Meme

Borrowing from
, here is my alphabet meme:

A is for birth month and that of my daughter.
B is for Boys...I have 3.
C is for Children...I've been blessed with 7.
D is for best friend.
E is for attribute of mine.
F is for age.
G is for Girls...I have 4.
H is for springs eternal.
I is for internet...I love it.
J is for Job...mother, wife, homemaker, teacher, chauffer, counselor, nurse, chef.
K is for my surname, same as my husband's, that I proudly took on our wedding day.
L is for La Leche League...I'm proud to be a Leader.
M is for toddlers' nickname for nursing.
N is for Never say reply when people ask me if I'm "done" having babies.
O is for Overeducated....B.A. in Psychology, M.S.W. (Master's of Social Work), M.P.H. (Master's of Public Health)
P is for favorite color and!
Q is for Quiet...something that I am not!
R is for religion...Catholic..
S is for 10 passenger Dodge.
T is for Toddler...I've always got one, and I've learned to love them.
U is for University of Michigan...the noble institution where I met my hubby and got my education.
V is for Versatile...something I have to be.
W is for glad that I am one.
X is for excellent cook that I am (and modest too!) and excellent food that I make...pasta, caesar salad, blueberry pie, orange bread, blueberry waffles, lemonade.
Y is for your turn...tell us about you!
Z is for Zero...the number of times that I've wished I'm made different life choices.

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