All of Us

All of Us

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jet Lag

We returned home very late (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday night. Discovered that you can't get a pizza in our small town after 11pm so were forced to stop at the grocery store, which thankfully stays open until midnight, to get some dinner and breakfast for Tuesday.

Although Arizona is 3 hours EARLIER than Michigan (after daylight savings time begins), so theoretically I should have felt less tired than usual on Tuesday evening, I was exhausted and in a complete fog. D. was in slightly better shape than I. The children were apparently feeling like it was 3 hours earlier, because they were extra vigorous. Sensing our weakness, like a pack of bloodhounds, they frolicked and ran amok until after 10pm. By then I was basically awake with my eyes open! LOL

A great time was had by all....more to come later.

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Kathy said...

Paula, what a great sounding trip. I loved all the pictures of your family and seeing where you went. If you look back in my blog last summer, you'll encounter a tale of our trip and the exact same experience of eating out with a large family in a restaurant while obviously pregnant with number 8.LOL.

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