All of Us

All of Us

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Kindergarten Info Night

A total waste of my time, but I attended anyway. Lots of first timers asking silly questions. Got my 2 big questions answered: Will she be morning or afternoon kindergarten? (Depends on where you live). Afternoon (like her sibs). Ugh! By the time I get organized and out the door in the morning it's almost time for her to be at school, and once she is gone, it is almost nap time, and after that , the older kids are returning from school.

Question #2: Are they offering all day alternate day kindergarten next year? NO. Bummer. I loved that for the above reason. With all day alternate day, I had all day free without any time restraints on both the days she went to school and the days she didn't. They will have AM and PM kindergarten, or all day every day where the afternoon is actually day care, but with the same teacher, and you have to pay $3600 a year for it.

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