All of Us

All of Us

Monday, February 07, 2005


My sister just called to tell me her dh came home the other day and told her he thinks they should have another baby. She feels DONE. They have 4 and her last pregnancy was very difficult physicallly and emotionally--nothing serious, just didn't feel good and was miserable because of it. The day before they gave away all of their baby gear.

How I would LOVE to hear my dh say that! When I asked him to consider having #7, I promised I wouldn't ask again, and already I feel that will be a difficult promise to keep. I am not sure what he'd say if I did. There are so few people that feel as I do--I tire of being such an anomaly. I wish I didn't want any more children and could be satisfied with what an amazing family I've got. But I'll always wish for another.

Did God send me this desire? I have prayed for it to end, but it hasn't!


Lisa said...

My dh is also done. I don't think I ever will be, and though I'm thrilled for those who are pregnant, a not very nice part of me is really, really jealous.

Gretchen said...

Sign me up for your club! Hubby was done 3 kids ago, the last 3 were a result of his being too lazy to avoid them (lucky me!) He swears now it won't happen again. He sounds pretty determined this time, and I too promised not to badger him about it any more. I predict that by next year I will be having a hard time keeping that promise too.

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