All of Us

All of Us

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Still Awesome

Even though I've done it 7 times now, I am still humbled by the miracle of life. Here in my arms is this amazing newborn, a complete and perfect person, who began as a speck, a single cell afloat in my body. There, with a lot of help from God, the ultimate Creator, I grew that cell into a human being. I watched her emerge, pushed out by me, and yet it is still hard to believe, when I look at her, that she came entirely from my body, every ounce of her (except the DNA contributed by her father, of course!) Matter created from nothing it seems, although the reality is that I turned food into a living being. And now, for this brief and wonderful time, she continues to be entirely grown and nurtured by me, by energy from my body in the form of breastmilk.

I am so blessed and thrilled to have her, the ultimate gift from God. A new baby is a miracle that never loses it's magic, it's newness, no matter how many times you watch it happen.

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