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All of Us

Monday, January 17, 2005

Snow Days and Sick Kids

We have now had 4 snow days, 2 last week and 2 the week before. I was wrong, however, and we get 5 before going extra days in June, so one more to spare. Last Wednesdays snow day it was warm, rainy and foggy late in the day. We assumed that there would be school, so big kids were out waiting for the bus. We were the only district in our county without school. The superintendent fielded a lot of complaints about this, but apparently the back roads were still icy from the snow that fell the day before. They are putting our children's safety first, which I applaud, and it doesn't really inconvenience me, but it was still hard to believe we had no school that day when snow was all gone and (most) roads were clear!

This weekend I have been trying to pull together dressup clothes for the kids for a family wedding in February. I. is the flower girl, so Grandma is sewing her dress, and L. still fits into his First Communion shirt and pants and tie. I bought J. a cute dress on ebay and will buy one for T. today.

D. has grown another 2 inches since September, and is now about 5'8", an inch taller than me at age 12! He needs a sport coat, pants and a shirt, but can wear Daryl's dress shoes. A. can probably wear a red velvet Hanna Anderson dress I splurged on when I. was 3 months old to wear to a family wedding. K. can also wear hand-me-down clothes that L. wore to that wedding--cords and a button down shirt.

Last Thursday K. came down with a fever and a major goopy nose, is still sick now, and T. got it yesterday. I hope that A. doesn't get it!

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