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All of Us

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Sunday I felt about 50% better, and since the shower had been postponed due to the weather on Saturday, I was able to go on Sunday. Roads were plowed but still a little slow going, and I'd slept late because I was tired, so I showed up about 30 minutes late.

It was just one of those times when I felt really out of place. I parent a lot differently than this crowd and we live a lot differently. Some examples of things we do that none of them do: unmedicated childbirth, breastfeeding, stay-at-home mom, eating healthy (try to avoid processed foods, fast food, tons of soda and other sugar, etc.), no TV in our family room and not watching it much, college education.

The bride-to-be is 20, went to a one year certificate program at the local community college, and will be living very near the small town she grew up in. Her fiance, who is a contractor, has already found them a house (a spec house that he built that hasn't sold and the owner is willing to sell it back to him with good terms). She is already talking about the type of furniture she wants, which the older women have pointed out is just like her mother's, because that's all she knows. Her entire life seems preordained, and I think it's a shame that she won't be having any adventures or experiencing anything of life other than the way she grew up.

Most of the gifts she received at this shower were tupperware, a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies, and other storage containers. At a previous shower I was told she received mostly linens. No unique gifts or pretty things.

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Kathy said...

Hmm maybe she needs to me introduced to the internet.LOL. She'll find theres a whole other world out here:-) Glad you are feeling a bit better !!!

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