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All of Us

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Heidi update

Upon returning home from renting a steam cleaner for the 2nd time, I discovered that she had barfed a sock up on the wood floor, an entire sock unchewed and undigested. I called the vet to see if it was OK to give her some stomach medication I had on hand. She said yes, and that some dogs just do that (eat socks). She seemed to find it humorous.

The next day she pooped on the wood floor downstairs during the day (baby gate was shut blocking her way to the upstairs playroom she prefers), while I was in the other room changing a diaper. It wasn't diarrhea and she didn't attempt to get me to let her out. Since then we have tried to keep her outdoors all day, and made her sleep in the basement at night.

Today she was outside all day except for 2 occasions. The first time she got in when someone came to the door, and I let her stay in, and she was in the same room as me, but soon it began to stink really badly. Presumably she was passing gas, and I put her back out. Later she got in again, was in for about an hour, during which time I watched her closely. Then I forgot, and during the time it took to heat and eat a bowl of leftoever pesto pasta, she went upstairs again to the same room (she always does it in one room) and diarrhead all over. I smelled it immediately and ran upstairs, hoping it was just more farts. After putting her out I discovered the mess. This time I called the professional carpet cleaners, since after the 2nd steam cleaning the smell didn't totally disappear, so I thought it needed a better quality cleaning.

Total so far:

2 steam cleaner rentals: $32
1 professional cleaning and deodorizing: $85
Time and energy spent: priceless

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