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All of Us

Friday, January 21, 2005

Gradually Sicker

Last week the kids had a plague virus--high fever for 4-5 days and a very goopy nose. I was pleased not to get it. This week I have been getting very gradually sicker each day, an unusual onset of illness. By Wed. I was feeling pretty yucky in the morning, but had arranged a friend to babysit K while I went shopping for a shower gift at Kohl's and then to Old Navy to try on clothes for myself. It was snowing hard in the morning and traffic was terrible. D. called and advised me to stay home, or to just go to the very nice gift shop in town and get her a unique gift, rather than something from her registry (which I prefer anyway). I took this advice, and had a restful morning at home with only my baby. Around 11am I started to feel better, then ran into town and purchased a pretty vase made of amber bottle glass with bubbles in it. I also ordered a hand painted tile with a picture of a bride and groom painted on it to be personalized with their names and wedding date. I was VERY pleased with myself for finding a unique and special wedding gift AND killing 2 birds with one stone.

I then ran to the post office and mailed back some of the clothes I have been ordering myself. I need an outfit to wear to the wedding that I can nurse in and is flattering (haven't found one yet, and will probably wear something I already own that I've worn a million times but looks nice and is free). I have a bad habit of ordering many more clothes than I intend to keep, trying them on in the comfort of my home and sending most or all back. I will only keep something if I REALLY like it or it was REALLY cheap. I justify this by saying that the cost of shipping is about equal to the cost of hiring a babysitter so that I can go to the store and try on clothes, not to mention the energy saved--literal energy in gasoline and my personal energy schlepping around in the snow with a baby.

I felt good enough that evening to go to my book club and out to dinner with a friend. We discussed Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse 5" which I didn't read but went anyway.

Thursday morning I felt yucky again. My sister came to visit, stayed into the late afternoon so I couldn't nap. I never felt any better, and worse by bedtime. During the night I felt feverish and I could tell I was wheezing.

Saw my doctor today for my postpartum checkup (good as new! lol) and as she is a family practicioner she also listened to my chest and prescribed a steroid inhaler. She also commented that I probably have mild asthma which is why I wheeze when I get a respiratory illness. I was diagnosed with asthma in highschool, when I had pneumonia or bronchitis several times a year, but haven't had any problems for 20 years, until Fall 2003 when I had a bad bout of bronchitis. I don't want to continue to have this problem!

I was supposed to head to my MIL's (one hour drive away) this afternoon with my 4 daughters to spend the night and help decorate for dh's niece's bridal shower, which is tomorrow, and which I am a co-hostess of, along with 3 SILs and one aunt on the other side of her family. We agreed to each bring a dish or 2 for an appetizer/dessert theme. I made my dessert yesterday, tiny mini-cheesecakes using a mini vanilla wafer as the crust and baked in mini muffin pans. Very easy and very yummy. I also bought veggies and ranch dip to cut up.

By the time I got home from the dr. and pharmacy in the BITTER cold, I felt awful, so I decided to stay home. D. said he could take the 3 older girls (A. stays with me, of course) to MIL's to help and deliver my food contributiions (he forgot the gift). He decided to stop and see a friend, however, so I am stll waiting for him to return with food and videos. The older boys are getting impatient and somehow it seems that it would have been easier to go than to get stuck watching the BUSY 19 month old--not very restful. I am trying hard not to be irritated (it is now 8:30pm and he's been gone since 4pm) but not succeeding! He is never very helpful when I'm sick. If the tables were turned, he'd be whining up a storm that I wasn't back yet.

If I feel good enough tomorrow I will go to the shower.

Sunday a nice older couple with a nervous/neurotic Great Dane are coming to see Heidi! They are interested in adopting her.

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