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All of Us

Monday, January 17, 2005


One of our dogs has a weak stomach, and every few months has an episode of diarrhea on the upstairs carpet. She also has a number of neuroses and behavior problems. Last time it happened I came unglued and wanted to take her to the shelter. Dh said that was rash, and we agreed to seek another home for her (she is 7, a long haired German Shepherd, sweet temperament, arthritis in her hips). We got her when she was 1 year old from the Phoenix Eye Dog Foundation. Her fears had made her unsuitable for a seeing eye dog, although they had spent 4 months training her in the hopes she would overcome them.

So it happened again Saturday night, and we made the kids clean it up since they have promised to take responsibility if we don't get rid of her. Then dh rented a steam cleaner and cleaned it up. The kids just told me she did it AGAIN last night. I just don't feel I can face it. Ugh!

She can't live outdoors because she is afraid of thunder, loud noises, etc. and prefers to be indoors so she claws the doors up trying to get in, doing a lot of damage. We could get a doghouse and chain her up, but that is no life for her.

I hate her and this situation.

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Gretchen said...

Oh Paula, (((hugs))) that is rough. It seems so cruel to be angry at the dog and want to be rid of her, and yet grrrr at all the cleaning! We had a similar problem with our dog when I was in college. She was always a nervous dog, and had come close to death when just a year old, but we nursed her through it. The same year my sister and I started college (which meant leaving her alone all day until my parents came home from work at night) we also moved to another home in a different state, and so her whole life was in upheaval. She regressed back to making horrible messes to the point that my parents had to keep her in the basement (concrete floor) during the day, to contain the mess. A few months later she died, and when they took her to the vet, it turned out she had had an enlarged heart, and that was the cause of all her nervous troubles. The vet said it was something that would never have been detectable or treatable, but it explained everything. She was a super loving dog, and it was so sad because she wasn't doing the messes on purpose, but it was GROSS. I feel for you.

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