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All of Us

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Culprit--Now Available For Adoption

Yesterday when I returned home from renting the steam cleaner, I discovered that she had vomited in my absence. Apparently she had eaten a sock. At least it was on the wood floor and easy to clean up. My sister, who at one time showed an interest in adopting her, but has since acquired a 2nd dog and feels that 2 is enough, had provided me with some information about the Michigan German Shepherd Rescue organization. They help refer dogs to potential new owners. So I contacted them yesterday.

If she were to live in a controlled environment, where she was an indoor dog who went on walks and didn't have the opportunity to eat nonfood items, the problem would be under control. If she were indoors all the time, she also wouldn't feel the need to scratch the doors.

Her name is Heidi, she is 7 years old, and available for adoption in SE Michigan.


Kathy said...

Aww she's a cutie Paula. I'm sorry that you have to find her a new home, but understand very well.

Hope you find a wonderful home for her very soon, and that the kids do OK with it.

Chris said...

Hope you find a great home for your dog soon.

Are you sure North hartford? I know of New, West, East, and plain ole Hartford LOL. Everything is relatively close together in CT, the farthest of these towns is one hour from me.

thicket dweller said...

Have you considered crating her? It's really a wonderful way to keep your dog out of trouble and spare your house from such accidents. We've used crate training for all of our dogs, and they have all very much taken to their crates. Do a search on crate training and you might find some good stuff.

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