All of Us

All of Us

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Monday night we attended the Eric Bibb concert that I'd given D. tickets to as a birthday gift. My parents babysat and the kids had a good time with them.

The show was excellent--it's so much fun to see live music, to feel that connection with the artist. This concert was at the Ark in Ann Arbor, a small intimate venue where even the last row are good seats. A. was very good, until she began cooing along with one song, actually in pitch and rythmically. D. thougt this would bother others around us, although it was adorable, so I took her and stood in the back. At the intermission we moved to the back row so she wouldn't bother anyone. The woman we had been sitting next to told me she thought the cooing was cute, too. Men!

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thicket dweller said...

Hey! I've been to the Ark! Actually, I haven't been INSIDE of it, because we went there to see Jonatha Brooke as a surprise for my husband's birthday. Sounded like a good idea. A road trip from o-HI-o and a concert by one of our favorites in an intimate setting and a nice little town. When we got there, after listening to Jonatha and David Wilcox on the CD player all the way there, we saw a small note on the front door of the establishment. Concert cancelled due to performer illness. Ack. So we went to the bookstore and the coffee shop and some little bar that has burgers. Then we drove home. Jonatha's manager refunded our ticket money and paid for our gas and babysitter.

Hey, stop on over to my blog. I'm blogging twenty-four hours of my life. Should be...interesting. ;-)

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