All of Us

All of Us

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Mouse Died...

in one of our couch cushions!! EWWWW!

Saturday morning I smelled a familiar bad smell upstairs in the rec room. By Sat. afternoon the odor was overpowering, and I informed D that it needed to be found and dealt with. He went up there and began hunting, and narrowed it to a section of our leather sectional couch, but wasn't sure where in the section it was. He wanted me to help him by smelling the couch and telling him where the smell was the strongest, but I declined. I found the last dead rodent (inside a hand puppet in the toy box) while in the throes of morning sickness, so I felt justified in making him take a turn at this fun game alone. He did find it and disposed of it. The smell lingered for hours, even with the window open.

What's funny is, J's friend K spent the night Friday, and not only was there no odor in that room then, but the dead mouse was in the section of couch she slept on right near where her head was!! Maybe she killed it by laying on it?

In past years we have had many mice, but none this year except this one. I purchased these electronic devices that emit a high pitched sound that is supposed to drive away both mice and spiders. The spiders seem impervious, but considering that in previous years we killed about a dozen mice in Oct./Nov. (when it got cold and they entered the house), the devices seem to work.

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