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All of Us

Monday, December 06, 2004


I am always very prone to plugged milk ducts and mastitis in the first 2 months of a new baby's life, and this time is unfortunately no exception. Early last week I had a sore spot on the left breast, but it wasn't too bad and cleared right up with heat and frequent nursing. But Saturday night was a different story. I got a sore spot on the right breast--really the whole underside, and it was excruciating, and by bedtime I felt feverish and achy. It got worse during the night, and I slept terribly as a result. Luckily I was able to convince the doctor to prescribe antibiotics over the phone. It is slowly getting better. I just felt very tired and run down today. Possible causes are: overdoing it (taking kids Christmas shopping, doing a lot of walking), using sling and having it press on breast (I didn't think it was, but it could have been), and the fact that I couldn't get A to nurse very well on that side before we left, and then she slept through most of the shopping, and when I next nursed her I offered the other side. It really is irritating, whatever the cause. As a La Leche League Leader I know a lot about this, but still can't prevent it for myself.

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Kathy said...

(((HUGS))) Paula, I'm also a queen of mastitis. It's definitly no fun. I hope you are resting and drinking lots and nursing lots. I had it every 3-4 weeks with my 5th and just couldn't take it anymore so weaned him at 10 months when he got a raging fever right after I got mastitis. I think in the end he was carrying strep in his throat.

Oh if there was only a magic pill to prevent it.

Take Care and enjoy that princess!!!!!!!

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