All of Us

All of Us

Friday, December 31, 2004

Becoming a Sideshow

Last week we were invited to a party which occurred last night. When the woman invited D., she said the kids were welcome also, and then said, "Since we aren't having too many people, we could invite you." D. said, "Don't worry, we'll leave the kids in the car." She was oblivious to having insulted us, but her husband looked mortified at that point.

But we went anyway, and once we got there it was apparent that many of the other guests had been told about our family and our big Sprinter van, since we fielded many questions and comments from people, none of whom we knew. D. said we were the "zoo animals." LOL

We have never been the "poster children" for large families before. Thankfully, our children behaved perfectly, including the 18 month old and the 6 week old. We stayed till 10pm without a single whine or tear.

Actually, we have received many compliments this holiday season from people we socialized with on what nice children we have and how well behaved they are. I am both proud and grateful for this.

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