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All of Us

Monday, December 06, 2004

A Bad Mother Shows Her Christmas Spirit

On Friday one daughter had a friend over afterschool. When the others arrived home, they wanted friends over too. It was now almost 5pm and I didn't feel up for it, so I said no. This resulted in a lot of grumbling and dissatisfaction. So I told them we could get out a box of Christmas decorations, which appeased them. FIrst I went to the school to pick up D from basketball practice, forgetting that another mother was picking him up and taking him with her son to a trombone lesson to practice a duet for solo and ensemble festival. Not only did I look silly, but I'd also forgotten to send money with him to pay for the lesson, and of course my checkbook was at home. I rushed home, called the trombone teacher and arranged to mail him a check.

Then I got out 2 Christmas boxes. This immediately hypes the kids up. I had asked them to empty the book cabinet before we got started, where books are stashed until no more will fit and they pour out onto the floor when you open the door, but they didn't do it. Soon there was Christmas music playing loudly and stuff all over the floor, not being put up. The kids were reading Christmas books that were in the box, crumpled newspaper is strewn everywhere (used to wrap fragile items). When I'd had enough, I insisted they stop what they were doing, put away the book cabinet books and help me clean up the mess, putting empty Christmas boxes back in basement. I, who is 7 and alternately goes by the title "The Princess" or "Miss Entitled," totally ignored me. I came over and took the book from her hand and began telling her what to do. At this point she shrieked in my face that she'd do it when she was finished with her book. And then I snapped, yelling back "No Christmas for you, then!" She got upset, as did her 4yo sister who asked "Are we really not going to have Christmas?" I reassured her, and apologized to I, but felt like Scrooge.

My only defense is that I have a 2 week old baby, and D was not yet home with the pizza he was supposed to pick up, so I was hungry and tired as well.

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Chris said...

I hate moments like that also, especially when it is supposed to be FUN.

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