All of Us

All of Us

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Human Pincushion

That's what I feel like--my nerves are very on edge. During the day I can be relaxed, but at dinner time I just start to lose it. Yesterday's arsenic hour featured:

Painter using shop vac very loudly
4yo and 7yo dds fighting, 4yo crying
7yo weeping hysterically at the thought of cleaning her rabbit's cage
Washing machine repairman showing up (supposed to be here between 1-3pm)
Lots of whimpering from the 1yo who was hungry, but I was struggling to make dinner with him hanging on me
Me trying to talk on phone to old friend who called from AZ

Dr. appt. update:

Dilated to 3-4 cm with bulging sack of waters
Biophysical profile done at hospital after nonreactive nonstress test in office--baby looks great
Induction which had been tentatively scheduled for tomorrow cancelled--hospital is swamped and I don't want to be induced
Dr. leaves to go out of town on Sat.

Lots of contrax, that hurt more than ever, but not real labor yet

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Kathy said...

Hoping that baby has made an appearance by now!! BUT, If not I'm sending loads of good luck Paula and tons of easy labor thoughts.

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