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All of Us

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Rainy Day

Being as though it was a cold, rainy day today, I decided to go to the mall, something I only do 2 or 3 times a year. My sister sent the kids some belated birthday gifts, which were adorable and expensive clothing, all in a size too big, but she thoughtfully included gift receipts. There were no parking spots near the door, and we didn't have umbrellas, so we got a little cold and wet. The girls and I went, and unfortunately had to take K, as D had to work in the morning. In the past he has been happy to ride in the stroller for short periods of time, provided there is good people watching and he has a snack. Not today.

At our first stop, the Children's Place, I had difficulty finding the same clothes in a smaller size, but did find a winter jacket and a blanket sleeper (known as a bunny suit at our house) for K. I eventually asked for help, and did end up being able to exchange the clothes for the same items in a smaller size. They were now on sale, so I even saved a few $$ since the gift receipt entitled me to be credited for the full price that my sister had paid. During this stop K kept throwing himself on the floor, running all around, and generally misbehaving.

So we went to have lunch at Olga's, a favorite of mine. Rather pricey for what it is, but I like it. T loved her 3 cheese sandwich, but I and J barely touched their burgers. I enjoyed mine, and K made a mess of his PB&J. J, the potato queen, ate a lot of french fries and we all slurped down the fresh squeezed lemonade.

Now K was happy to ride! As usual, I guess he had been hungry. Eddie Bauer, our next stop, was at the opposite end of the mall. It was easy to find the shirt and exchange it for a smaller size.

Next we needed to buy a gift for J's friend who was having a sleepover birthday party tonight. She doesn't know her friend that well, and wasn't sure what to get, so we went to the Discovery Store, where there were lots of cool things, but most of them more than she wanted to spend. We are on an increased allowance program where the kids now purchase things like gifts for friends with their own money. Eventually she settled on a scratch notebook, where the pages are black but when scratched color underneath is exposed.

We were now running late to get home, because J had a soccer game to play, and of course I made a wrong turn in the mall, because I was getting tired. We usually enter through Sears, but today we entered through JCPenney, which is at the opposite end of the mall. I remembered this just as we got close to Sears.

I, the Shopper, was now pouting that she hadn't had a chance to buy anything, and when I say anything, that's what I mean: she will buy anything. She is 7 and doesn't have much impulse control yet. She was so busy playing with the remote control vehicles on display at the Discovery Store that she didn't look around, and was mad when I said we had to go (not that she needed a keychain anyway) once J had completed her purchase.

Finally, at the van! Now I remembered why I rarely go to the mall.

As we arrived home, an old friend from AZ called, who I haven't spoken to in close to a year, and we chatted for a while.

I. invited her friend M over, but M needed a ride, and I agreed to go pick her up so that I could satisfy my craving for a white chocolate cafe mocha at the coffee shop on the way.

Once home, highly sugared and caffeined, I took on the clothes sorting project. I was able to do about 75% of them in about an hour! I am so happy. Then I made chicken noodle soup for dinner, while washing down the filthy fronts of my cabinets. The only bummer of today was that the washer leaked AGAIN, after I was just about caught up on laundry, soaking all the clean clothes awaiting folding, which will have to be rewashed! AAGH! We aren't sure what is causing the problem, it has happened 3 times in the past 2 weeks, but not every load. D thinks it is a clogged drain, which he will check out tomorrow.

Now M is spending the night, since we have an empty bed while J is at the sleepover party.

All kids are now watching movies, Chicken Run for the little girls and Dumb and Dumberer for the boys, and when the little girls are in bed, D and I will watch Mystic River, if we can stay awake!

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