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All of Us

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Not to be Trifled With

I am currently in the stage of pregnancy that should be known as "Woman Not to be Trifled WIth." My threshold for irritation is VERY low. This wasn't helped by D going out of town for 5 days, including the weekend.

Friday I awoke to my dog, who has a sensitive stomach, having had diarrhea all over the carpet. I have had issues with this poor animal for a while now (she has numerous behavior problems in addition to a weak stomach), and I totally lost it, called D. and suggested that we take her to a shelter that afternoon. He rightly felt that this was rash, and that we would regret it, so she is still here and we are seeking another home for her.

Saturday went like this:

7:00am Say goodbye to D, who is leaving for a business trip to the west coast.
7:15am Wake up J, who has to leave for a soccer game at 7:45am.
8:30am Meet with potential car buyers.
9:30am Drive L to soccer game
12pm Washing machine repairman arrives
12:30pm Furniture is delivered

Good news! I sold the car! I even dickered and cut a deal. They are picking it up tomorrow.

While standing outside cutting the car deal, the meter man came to read the meter, and the stopped to regale the buyers and I with a story of how the aforementioned dog chased him and behaved extremely threatening on a previous visit, but our other dog ran interference, distracting the mean dog and escorting him back to his car.

Predictably, the washing machine behaved perfectly normal while the repair man was here, so I paid $73 for a service call during which he did nothing! If the problem resumes, he will come back for no charge except parts, but still....

Then the furniture store delivered the WRONG mattress. I had specifically chosen a mattress without a pillowtop, and this mattress had a LARGE spongy pillowtop. I informed the deliveryman that this was the wrong mattress. He pointed out that 1) My old mattress (which they remove for free) was now outside, wet and dirty and 2) they would not be able to bring me another mattress today and 3) once the mattress has been unwrapped (it had been) it cannot be returned or resold/reused, so whether or not I slept on it didn't matter, because that mattress had become useless unless I kept it. He also reminded me that the store has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so exchanging it for another mattress would not be a problem.

I called the salesman, who suggested I come into the store and choose which mattress I REALLY wanted. He was unable to accept that I really didn't order the one they delivered. Later that evening, with 5 kids in tow, I did visit the store. The salesman was very friendly, but did argue with me about which mattress I ordered. He claimed that I was laying on the mattress when he wrote the name down. I assured him that I hadn't tried out any pillowtops because I didn't want one! Luckily, he only went one round with me and then said "We want you to be happy, so show me which mattress you want." There it was, in the same spot in the store as I remembered, and the same price as the other mattress. So next Sat. they will deliver the correct mattress and take the other one, probably to the dump! The wastefulness of that sickens me, although I know they must do that to conform with health laws.

Mostly I was astonished that he would argue with a woman 8.5 months pregnant, late on a Sat. evening, when she has 5 kids in tow.

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Bernadette said...

That salesman had chutzpah! Perhaps he hadn't read "The Princess and the Pea"! A good night's sleep to you!

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